Bentonville Studio Maternity Session – Northwest Arkansas Maternity Photographer

When you’ve got it, you’ve just got it. And boy, does this mama ever have it! She looked so amazing in these exclusive couture collections available to all of my maternity clients at no extra cost. Invest in yourself and your legacy. You’re so worth it!

Sometimes you want to wear a fancy gown, sometimes you want to just drape a simple fabric and sometimes you want to show it all off in a body suit. And sometimes, you want to do all three, and that is exactly what we can do at your Glam Maternity Session here at Bethany Blair photography.

Northwest Arkansas Maternity Photographer

I have had so many amazing expectant mamas in my Bentonville studio lately. Having a new space to capture these gorgeous women has been so amazing and I have found a new passion. There is just something so awe inspiring about capturing a woman glowing with expectant life. The power and grace is tangible and the beauty is like nothing else.

Northwest Arkansas Best Baby Photographer 2020

I was so honored to be voted one of NWA’s Best Baby Photographer’s of 2020! I love my clients so very much and can’t tell you what an honor it is to be your photographer of choice. Here’s to an amazing 2nd half of 2020 capturing all of your most treasured moments!



Bethany Blair Photography is located in the heart of Northwest Arkansas. Bethany specializes in Maternity, Newborn and Motherhood photography, and her studio is located in Bentonville, Arkansas.